Come Join the fun of hands-on mushroom cultivation TeFungich.

  • Learn how to create substrates for different mushroom species.
  • Creating your economic monotube
  • Creating spore Prints
  • Learn how to produce your liquid cultures
  • Learn how to prepare grains for inoculation.

There are many more topics that our 1–2-hour classes offer, if your new to the mushroom cultivation life style or have been in for awhile there is always something new to learn and if you are a seasonal mycologist/ mushroom cultivation pro, reach out to a staff member and let them know you would like to share your techniques. 509 Fungi is a sharing environment and in no way would we ever say we know everything about mushroom cultivation, we are eager too, Knowledge is power we welcome new/different ideas with unique grow tech to help us along on our journey.

I wish we could hold free classes to share our knowledge of mycology, yet we are a small business. Our classes are filled with proven hands-on success proven techniques that can be easily replicated in your mushroom cultivation journey. So, with that said we supply all the learning materials and supplies needed to be successful in your grow. In addition, the tech support does not end when the classes are over, our clients have full access to any knowledgeable staff member to help with any barriers or trouble shooting that will present itself in mushroom growing. E-mail support, zoom, or face time calls are available. If you prefer our clients are welcome to join the Psychedelic Urban Farmer discord page found on YouTube, discussion forums are formed, with access to my earlier videos of techniques that I used, videos are edited with transition and some AI effects yet I leave all my success and nonsuccess in the videos to show to prove that these are tried and failed techniques.  These are uploaded periodically; the discord page has links to businesses that I use currently and started from Founder of 509 Fungi learned from in the beginning of his mycology journey.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Supplies that are provided depend on the type of class being presented, I urge you to sign up for our beginning Mushroom Course (MonoTub Basics) as it has the best bang for your buck so to speak.