Members Only

Members Only

Welcome to the members only page.

Here is how it works. With your paid membership you have been personally invited into our 509 Fungi family, with the added benefit to personally choosing your gourmet mushrooms straight from the fruiting rack, either from our website members only order form or a schedule face time meeting, via the members only email request email @ mikeadams/, where a 509 fungi staff member will assist you in completing your order. In some cases, members prefer to visit our small urban mushroom farm to choose their mushroom delights. In any case, our happy fungi family very much enjoys members to visit us yet, respectively, remember to please call and schedule two weeks in advance to schedule an onsite appointment. In person visit schedules are located on the members only page yet is limited due to space restrictions and overall health of our mushrooms.

Mushroom varieties can vary from week to week depending on demand and mushroom species growth cycles.  Members are allotted to 3lbs of quality first flush mushrooms twice monthly with no added charge as this is a paid membership benefit. As always, 509 Fungi is here to help with any questions, concerns or requests of mushroom variety/species our members may have.  Requests of mushroom variety to be added to the members only rack will only be reviewed/considered via e-mail.

Members that have been added to this page have been hand selected and approved by the 509 Fungi board of approved members family. So, what does that means to you? Members only contributions not only help the health of the urban farm, in addition to your membership you not only have access to 6 pounds quality gourmet mushrooms monthly, but you also have access to our mushroom tech classes with no additional cost, as this is also a members only benefit. Members attending the class gain mycology knowledge with applied hands-on experience and depending on the class attended, may take home a mushroom habitat for themselves or the mycology instructional presentation example.

In addition to your monthly or annual contributions you receive 509 Fungi generational collector spore samples for your spore library or personal cultivational projects.

509 Fungi values all of our gourmet mushroom clients, and as being a chosen member, you are invited to our special 509 fun time holiday celebrations the 509 Fungi family looks forward to yearly.

I Michael Adams aka the Psychedelic Urban Farmer, thanks you for your support and becoming a preferred member, by way of contributing to our cause in supplying not only a quality product yet, to aid in supporting small businesses ensuring that future generations have access to skills and knowledge practices of self-sufficiency.


Founder/ self-proclaimed home mycologist,

Michael M Adams aka, The Psychedelic Urban Farmer.



Business Operational Hours

  • Monday 9 am-5 pm
  • Tuesday 9 am-5 pm
  • Wednesday 9 am-5 pm
  • Thursday 9 am-5 pm
  • Friday 10 am-4 pm (optional for staff at site beyond 4 pm)
  • Saturday- Student Lab Projects
  • Sunday-Open by appointment only

Weekend deliveries are scheduled as per client needs.