MonoTub Basics ($125.00 per person)

Kids are always welcome to join when accompanied by an adult. The paid course is expensive and lasts for an hour and a half yet can run over in time to ensure everyone has the best possible start to be successful in growing mushrooms.

Supplies offered:

  • 1 Max Yield Bin
  • 1 liner
  • 1 Max Yield Bin clear lid
  • 3lbs of signature high yield substrate formulated by The Psychedelic Urban Farmer
  • Mycelinated grain
  • 3oz of coco growing media
  • Nitrile gloves and hand washing/sanitizing supplies ( if you have your own preferred hand sanitizing and cleansing products, please bring with you, we will be using it often during the class.

All this is accompanied by direct instruction with Q and A opportunities throughout the time. This is a positive learning environment so do not be shy to ask.

If you are a seasoned cultivator mycologist, remember this is a beginner’s class using my proven techniques with success rates in optimal growing conditions of 95%. If you would like to discuss better or more improved learning tech that would improve these classes, please feel free to stay and discuss.

So, that you are not confused or wondering about the location of the 509 Fungi Laboratory, yes, the address if is correct, the location is presently in my wife’s and I home, this is also part of the lesson plan, as to prove that micro farming/vertical farming or Urban Farming does not have many barriers nor too expensive to develop and implement, as well, can be profitable. Micro farming, Urban farming or Vertical Farming is on the rise and catching on quickly. 509 Fungi has a mission to educate clients/community to prove that we as citizens can produce our own healthy organic food with the aid of a little knowledge, effort and a willingness to change how and what we provide for our families.

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Additional Classes: (Classes are not offered at this time: coming soon)

  • Substrate creation The Master Mix ($35.00 per person leaving with 6lbs of Master Substrate)
  • Oyster growing with Bags ($65.00 per person. leaving with 1 5lb grow bag with inoculated substrate and a boat load of knowledge)
  • Grain pasteurization and or sterilization tech
  • Grain spawning/Liquid culture tech.
  • Agar 101
  • Substrate Tech (This class is my favorite class, as either a returning client or new, we collaborate on different media types for specific species of mushroom/Fungi along with multiple species. This class is the least expensive as it is only $25.00 for the use of the lab along with its supplies. The class is more of a discussion of substrates with the option of substrate creation Clients are urged to bring in your own samples as well as any additional ingredients needed to replicate. With the option of leading the class; to show off and discuss your unique super substrate. Clients have the option of using the farms-controlled environment to incubate and fruit the species of mushrooms, of course upon approval as the growing environments are strictly controlled, accompanied with HIPA Filtration, pre-charcoal filtration, HVAC unit consists of 6” fan intakes and exhaust with fan booster terminals to sustain a consistent air flow, the high illuminate lights are powerful yet safe for most if not all mushroom species, the ambient room temp fluctuates from 63 degrees F to 72 degrees F. I take foreign Fungi species very seriously, as the most common can take over an contaminate a grow room very quickly devastating business operations. Your unique substrate must be able to with stand 175 degrees F for 2 hours at 15 psi to be allowed into the incubation and or growing environments, to ensure mold spores are non-present or in a weakened state


Common Mold Spores

  • Penicillium
  • Aspergillus
  • Alternaria
  • Chaetomium
  • Stachybotrys
  • Trichoderma